Below is a list of some of the services provided

Fibre Network

SA Digital Villages' focus is providing FTTX - fibre to the home and business with the primary aim of extending both our passive and active network coverage on a national basis.

  • Supply and Implement the infrastructure required to run all the Telecommunication and Voice Services
  • Provide the termination of voice calls at reduced charges including National, Local, International as well as GSM call

Enabling services on your network

Supply and Implement the infrastructure required to provide world class high speed broadband, enabling services such as:

  • High Speed Broadband
  • Video on Demand and Video streaming services
  • Video Conferencing
  • Cloud based services and applications
  • Work from Home
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Offsite Monitoring
  • E-learning
  • E-Health

Data Network

Supply, implement and manage all the infrastructure and services required for the following:

  • Internet
  • Email Server
  • Storage Server
  • Backups
  • Firewall Router
  • Web cache
  • Content Portal
  • Billing

Better end user experience

Improving customer experience